What’s it all about?

I found some high intensity interval training that I love.  Then I found a timing protocol called TABATA which is awesome, along with a bunch of scientific research that supports life-long health benefits of these workouts!  All of that together makes a BIGGO wonderful opportunity to workout! I almost had you didn’t I? OK, maybe you don’t love to workout, but you can do this. I’ve made 35 minute workout videos to do together!  You can do them anytime any place. You will get so strong!  And I will be with you each step of the way. Here’s what we’re going to do:

  • you sign up for the Zero Excuses Fitness Challenge
  • the Challenge begins April 1
  • you join a facebook group on my facebook page
  • I give you 2 new video workouts (YouTube) each week, with complete timed workouts–start to finish
  • you find a time and place to do them
  • you can’t believe that once you commit to working out, that it is actually easy to do the workouts
  • you report your progress in comments and/or facebook
  • I support you through each week
  • you get strong–inside and out
  • you tell me how much you love these workouts
  • you cross your fingers and hope that there is another challenge coming up!

I probably pushed it a little bit too far?  But, the workouts are easy to get into.  You put on your sneakers and we start.  I’ll warm you up, lead you through each round of exercises, cool you down and wish you well! When you are done, you will have new energy.  You will continue to burn calories for 24-36 hours after the workout.  And your body will respond to the exercises in a very short time. How about you give it a try? Just 6 weeks!  Zero Excuses Fitness Challenge–check out the details HERE!

Registration is OPEN!!

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