The Hottest Workout Of 2014

A worldwide survey conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) concluded the hottest fitness trend of 2014 will be High-Intensity Interval Training, H.I.I.T. This widely popular style of exercise didn’t even break the top 20 in last year’s survey before rising to No. 1 this year.  Washington Post-The Hottest Workout Of 2014

Why Exercise Today

Exercise is one of the most powerful tools you possess to help prevent dementia
and cognitive decline in older age. So get up now and go sweat. Why To Exercise Today

Go for broke with Tabata Intervals

What can you possibly accomplish in just four minutes on the bike? A lot, actually. All you have to do is ride as hard as you can.  Go for Broke with Tabata Intervals

Why and How to Trust your Personal Trainer

In the key relationships in our lives, trust influences whether we feel comfortable being our vulnerable, genuine selves or whether we feel defensive and guarded, anticipating harm.  Why and How to Trust Your Personal Trainer 

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