…worth repeating…Fred Meyer online shopping

ClickIt online ordering and shopping list at Fred Meyer.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this one.  Fred Meyer has expanded it’s services and now has online shopping lists and orders that you schedule and pick up in the parking lot. In designated parking spaces. They bring your order out, load it into your car, process your payment (using a Square at your car) and you are on your way! 

There is a charge, I think it is $4.95 per order (at our store in Bend, OR).

What I have heard is “life saver”–“game changer” –“so convenient”.

I have yet to use it, but I checked it out and I really liked that the system automatically loads my recent purchases, with their current prices, for me to choose from. There is a running estimated total (as produce is estimated at per item, when they are actually weighed and charged per lb) so the actual total will be different. You are provided an itemized receipt and you pay the total, via the remote payment process i.e., Square.

I can see this as a very convenient tool, time saver, and necessity when you need a few things and could save a few minutes. Or when you are sick or have sick (or cranky) tiny humans that you don’t want to haul around the store, or when the parking lot is thick with ice and you just really don’t want to traipse through the muck!

Give it a try! It might be a marriage saver if your spouse does not favor a trip to the store, and all he needs to do is drive in, pay, and drive home!

However, he will need to find the designated parking area and call a number to let them know he is there…..oh, I’m starting to see this begin to unravel…no, I will be brave and give it a try!