…worth repeating…..I.D.

Recently attended a Grace Potter concert at a small outdoor courtyard venue in Bend. While the venue was small and intimate, Grace Potter killed it! She could have been in a stadium. It was awesome.

I love outdoor music on warm summer nights. We hadn’t been to this venue before, so we went to the gate and asked about re-entry if we needed to ditch the sunglasses or grab a jacket. We also didn’t know about seating, chairs or not?

Once we got all the details, we headed back to the car. One of the security dudes hollered, “don’t forget your i.d.”–I said, “do I have to have it, even if I’m not drinking?”–he said, “you’ll want to have it on you, so we can identify your body in case there is an incident.”

What??? This was a first. I’m not sure what type of incident we were expecting. Maybe the world has changed. Maybe I do need to have my i.d. on me whenever I am in a crowd. 

I just saw this cool little gadget for your tiny humans. I think it could be very helpful for trips to the zoo or a festival. They are a temporary tattoo “watch” that you put your phone number on. Pretty cool. Take a look! Madeline’s Box Temporary Watch.

Be safe!