Squats, Hops and Planks!

Hello!  This workout can be done anywhere–no equipment needed.   The workout is 4 rounds of 4 minutes (total 16 minutes+some rest time) and 4 more minutes in a BONUS!  

WooHoo!  Do the extra credit.

We are in and out in 35 minutes.  When you finish (or tomorrow when you are really sore—comment below, let me know how you are doing!)

Let’s workout.

2 thoughts on “Squats, Hops and Planks!

  1. Karen
    Thank you! Your workouts are very doable for me. I have a bad left knee and I can easily modify any of the jumping side to side. I want to use your workouts for times when I have wifi and can download them on our trip and I will download some audio only ones for those times I do not. Thank you again!

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