Make the Most Fitness Challenge

Hello. Hope you are well.

So many things are unknown right now. Our normal routines and expectations are being changed every day. There is naturally an uncertainty that challenges each of us.

I truly believe that being your best self is important at any time, but so much more important when there is unrest. Maintaining strong bodies and calm minds is one of the best prescriptions for handling stress.

In addition to the actual benefits of strengthening our bodies, gaining control over something and committing to it can also help you remain centered and supportive. Many of the doctors are recommending some form of exercise to strengthen and maintain your immune system and and your respiratory system. 

So, here we go! 

This is a six week challenge. You will receive two workout videos each week. You can do these at home, all you need is your body weight and an exercise mat. You can play the YouTube video any time you want, and you can repeat it as often as you want!! I have reduced the challenge price to $12 — that’s only one dollar per workout!! Such a deal!

If you commit to this challenge and do the workouts, you will become stronger and you will gain energy in the next six weeks. The exercises engage your full body, with emphasis on your core. They are a great supplement to any other exercise you do–hiking, running, biking, etc.

Your kids, friends, and family can all do these workouts. All of the exercises can be modified or scaled to your fitness level. 

Workout #1 will be sent out on Monday, March 23.

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Let’s use this time to strengthen our bodies and our minds!

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Make the Most Fitness Challenge