End of Year Fitness Challenge

Hello Everyone!

So many of you have changed up your fitness regime to make the most of the past year. To most of us, this meant outdoors! And also to many of us, it has meant more walking, maybe some hiking or even some jogging. All of these are great activities to keep the body moving and to help breathe in fresh oxygen and clear the mind.

However, with the changing weather, it is easy to shorten those walks (maybe even take a pass on a rainy and windy …or even snowy…day).

We all know that consistency is the big winner for continued fitness and maximum health benefits. We also know how much our bodies benefit from strength building activities. So, with both of these in mind, it only seems right that we get back on our exercise mats and begin a new challenge session! Right? That’s what you were thinking isn’t it?

I have set up 6 weeks to get us back in an indoor routine. We’ll begin November 8 and we will end December 17. It fits perfectly into our holiday schedule, giving us a little extra as we close out 2021!

Let’s continue our fitness journey with a challenge!

Join me now! Register below!

End of Year Fitness Challenge