Holiday baggage……week 3!

Hey there! It’s been two weeks, how are you doing? Just being mindful of what you eat and how you nourish your body can go a long way to being healthy. We have added fruits and veggies, increased our hydration, and how do you feel?

Often, increasing hydration results in sleeping better, having more even energy levels throughout the day, and fewer cravings. Keep drinking that water!! 

Week 3: This week is serious, because next week we may eat more sodium in one meal than we eat in a total week normally! So, let’s prepare for that!! It’s time for more veggies, this time greens…..spinach salad, kale, or more broccoli. You choose, but get another serving in each day. Also, let’s cut out some simple carbs……reduce crackers, bread, or pasta. We will flush our systems and prepare for the increased salt intake next week!

You can do this. A couple of pounds this week just by making good choices! You will feel great heading into Thanksgiving!