Happy 2018!

All the reasons why you should join this fitness challenge!! (if I have not listed your reason, please add it in the comments below this post!) 🙂

  1. New Year’s Resolutions (goal setting, vision boards, etc)–whether you believe in them or not, resolutions are attempts at taking action to meet your goals! And gyms across the world are packed in January!
  2. These workouts are flexible and can be done any place, any time. Therefore, you will not be crowded out by all the folks in the gyms (see #1 above).
  3. You celebrated with gusto through the holidays!
  4. You saw pictures of yourself and really did not like how you looked.
  5. There is a class reunion, wedding, other event and you need to be looking fine by a certain date. Pictures are forever (see #4 above).
  6. You are active hiking, skiing, biking, and would like to maintain your core and strength with a full body workout.
  7. You agreed to compete in a 5K, 10K, cross country bicycle ride, hike or maybe a Spartan Obstacle Race (who would do that?). And, while some of these may take a real toll on our bodies, preparing for them with a full body workout program will help you to succeed and limit potential injuries.
  8. You had another birthday and you really haven’t actively exercised for the past few years. Gravity is for real. It’s time.
  9. Winter months and less sunshine can drain your energy stores. A regular, flexible workout program is a great antidote and increases energy and improves sleep.
  10. You are a rock star. You love to exercise. Strength, balance and flexibility are your jam.

Registration is open.

The 6 week challenge is ONLY $30.

You can do this, I’d love to have you join us.

Details for the Ready, Set, Go Fitness Challenge