Fall Fitness Challenge…it’s time!

Hi there!

Registration is OPEN! Yeah, yippee, and yeehaw!

It seems when Fall creeps in (or in our case, BLASTS in and SLAMS the door behind it! I mean, really. We had a 92 degree day followed 5 days later by a 42 degree day and snow in the surrounding mountains. Real snow, like 18-24″ at the resorts.) Wow, just wow.

Anyway, it seems like the shorter days are kind of a trick, it is (usually) still warm when the sun is setting at 7:00 pm. And those warm afternoons are so soothing. It is easy to get lulled into a sweater and hot coffee routine.

But, it is such a great time to kick off a workout routine instead! GIve yourself 35 minutes of high intensity exercise and you will add so much to your day! You can build strength, increase energy levels, and give yourself some praise and gratitude for taking care of yourself! It is such a good feeling to know you have invested in your health and well being.

And it is only 35 minutes. It may be difficult to schedule those 35 minutes, but the benefits will be worth it. If you need to be reminded of how beneficial regular exercise is for our overall well being, check this out.

I’d love to see you in the Fall Fitness Challenge! What’s it all about?

Everyone can do it! Everyone can benefit!

Come join me!