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I love this stuff!  In recent months, I have decided that personal training and fitness is something I think everyone should pursue!  I realize that may be wishful thinking, but I do know that everyone benefits from physical activity.  Results from weight loss, improved posture and strength, reduced stress and increased circulation, or even ROCK STAR status are possible!!

I’ve been athletic all of my life, growing up in a very active family, racing the boys in grade school, adding basketball in middle school, and playing volleyball all the way through college.  After college, I played on city league teams, entered fun runs, and joined the local YMCA.  I needed physical activity as a major part of my life.

Life continued with marriage—physical activity was a requirement of my husband—careers, homes and yard work, growing older, seeing the body change [read: gaining the weight and inches that are not easy to drop], and coming to terms with a healthy quality of life.  Throughout this time, when I looked in the mirror I frequently saw bulges and cellulite where I didn’t want to see them.  I shopped for bigger sizes, or just bigger styles to hide in.  I continued to go to the gym, but the routines really didn’t seem to have an impact.

After some internet research and deciding that nothing was going to happen sitting on the couch! OK, that’s a bit extreme, but I was continuing to do the same things and was disappointed that the results were the same, too.  I found an online high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. I watched videos and made notes of what the exercises were.  I downloaded an interval timing app for my phone and off I went to the gym.  I found a corner in the gym and started sweating.  Truly a turtle on it’s back at times, but at least I was trying!  Amazing as it was, the exercises became less difficult after only 2-3 weeks.  Some weight and inches started falling off after about six weeks and I was committed! I was also called the crazy lady in the corner that does those awful workouts!

But, I have great shoes!  I trend towards the day glow yellow and bright orange! Everyone knows them!  As I stated above, I love this stuff.  And I want you to love it at least like it!  I went ahead and got certified as a personal trainer and also as a Tabata Bootcamp instructor.  I want to provide challenging and effective workouts for all levels.  I want to help add strength and flexibility while becoming more healthy for life.

I will provide research and articles on the workouts, exercises, and healthy living!

I’m ready to roll, I hope you join me!

One thought on “A little bit about me

  1. I just read your bio and I realize that while you’ve been aggressively more active during your life than me, I’ve come to the same decisions (more inches, cellulite, aches – arghh) and now am committed to making these workouts a lifestyle. Give yourself a pat on the back for being just the right solution at just the right time.

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