Happy 2018!

All the reasons why you should join this fitness challenge!! (if I have not listed your reason, please add it in the comments below this post!) 🙂

  1. New Year’s Resolutions (goal setting, vision boards, etc)–whether you believe in them or not, resolutions are attempts at taking action to meet your goals! And gyms across the world are packed in January!
  2. These workouts are flexible and can be done any place, any time. Therefore, you will not be crowded out by all the folks in the gyms (see #1 above).
  3. You celebrated with gusto through the holidays!
  4. You saw pictures of yourself and really did not like how you looked.
  5. There is a class reunion, wedding, other event and you need to be looking fine by a certain date. Pictures are forever (see #4 above).
  6. You are active hiking, skiing, biking, and would like to maintain your core and strength with a full body workout.
  7. You agreed to compete in a 5K, 10K, cross country bicycle ride, hike or maybe a Spartan Obstacle Race (who would do that?). And, while some of these may take a real toll on our bodies, preparing for them with a full body workout program will help you to succeed and limit potential injuries.
  8. You had another birthday and you really haven’t actively exercised for the past few years. Gravity is for real. It’s time.
  9. Winter months and less sunshine can drain your energy stores. A regular, flexible workout program is a great antidote and increases energy and improves sleep.
  10. You are a rock star. You love to exercise. Strength, balance and flexibility are your jam.

Registration is open.

The 6 week challenge is ONLY $30.

You can do this, I’d love to have you join us.

Details for the Ready, Set, Go Fitness Challenge


Fall Fitness Challenge…it’s time!

Hi there!

Registration is OPEN! Yeah, yippee, and yeehaw!

It seems when Fall creeps in (or in our case, BLASTS in and SLAMS the door behind it! I mean, really. We had a 92 degree day followed 5 days later by a 42 degree day and snow in the surrounding mountains. Real snow, like 18-24″ at the resorts.) Wow, just wow.

Anyway, it seems like the shorter days are kind of a trick, it is (usually) still warm when the sun is setting at 7:00 pm. And those warm afternoons are so soothing. It is easy to get lulled into a sweater and hot coffee routine.

But, it is such a great time to kick off a workout routine instead! GIve yourself 35 minutes of high intensity exercise and you will add so much to your day! You can build strength, increase energy levels, and give yourself some praise and gratitude for taking care of yourself! It is such a good feeling to know you have invested in your health and well being.

And it is only 35 minutes. It may be difficult to schedule those 35 minutes, but the benefits will be worth it. If you need to be reminded of how beneficial regular exercise is for our overall well being, check this out.

I’d love to see you in the Fall Fitness Challenge! What’s it all about?

Everyone can do it! Everyone can benefit!

Come join me!



Time zones and the night sky

I was very excited this morning, because the ISS (International Space Station) was visible in the early morning sky, directly overhead. It is always up there, but not always visible where I am located. And, in case you didn’t know, I am kind of a space ranger. I like to know things about space, spacecraft, and especially the night sky.

So, early this morning, there was a 4:46 am viewing for 6 minutes. BAM! Done. Most days  All days, I am not up at 4:46 am. And I am not one to crawl out of my warm bed just to look at the sky. (There was a time we did get up, drive to a clear viewing location and watch the ISS, only to find out it orbits every 1 hr17 min, and is visible OFTEN in normally sane hours, like before I go to bed). Nowadays, it would have to be pretty spectacular for me to do that!!

With that caveat, why was I excited about this particular viewing at this very early time? Well, we are on a biggo fly fishing road trip, and we had a great day on a local river (OK, not really local, but in the adjacent state). I agreed, under great duress, to rise at 3:45 am, drink a cup of coffee, and drive an hour to be on this river before the sun gets on the water. I was promised breakfast upon our return!! That did it.

So, I was going to be on the road in Big Sky country at 4:46 am. I even set an alarm to remind me to look up so that I wouldn’t miss it.

Well, a funny thing happens with time zones. The light and darkness of a particular time varies SIGNIFICANTLY from the center of a time zone (like where I normally reside) and the edges of a time zone, like 33 miles into Big Sky country. Needless to say, it was full on light outside. It did not look like 4:46 am and it was actually 5:46 am as soon as we crossed the Continental Divide.

I’m sure we could have seen the ISS, had we stopped and studied the sky. But, since we were en route to the preferred fishing location prior to the sun getting on the water, we drove on.

No ISS sighting for me. There will be another day…er night to see it!

I also want to see the Northern Lights, I think I may need to get up real early for that one!!




Target and other mailorder miracles

Recently, I have taken to ordering from Target and other stores. I know there are millions of folks who are Amazon Prime members and order EVERYTHING from Amazon. I may get there soon, too.

Some items just are not that fun to shop for, you know toilet paper and other paper products are just so big and bulky, they end up being the only items in the cart or the car. Also, things like cat litter and laundry detergent are just heavy to lug around and load in and out of the cart.

I saw that Target had free shipping for orders over $25 or $35. It’s easy for me to get to that amount. I can build a shopping list then place the order and it is normally delivered in a few days.

My list has grown to include staples like oatmeal, nuts, peanut butter, brownie mix (yes, in my world brownie mix is a staple!), along with foil and wax paper, tissue, shampoo, and laundry and dishwasher detergent.

I love it. Free shipping. Some of my boxes weigh 40 pounds. On my front porch. Free shipping. Convenient. Free shipping.

Did I mention free shipping? I am contributing to the brown cardboard boxes being recycled, but I am saving on gasoline. 

Do you take advantage of online shopping and free shipping? What are your favorite sites?



…worth repeating…Fred Meyer online shopping

ClickIt online ordering and shopping list at Fred Meyer.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this one.  Fred Meyer has expanded it’s services and now has online shopping lists and orders that you schedule and pick up in the parking lot. In designated parking spaces. They bring your order out, load it into your car, process your payment (using a Square at your car) and you are on your way! 

There is a charge, I think it is $4.95 per order (at our store in Bend, OR).

What I have heard is “life saver”–“game changer” –“so convenient”.

I have yet to use it, but I checked it out and I really liked that the system automatically loads my recent purchases, with their current prices, for me to choose from. There is a running estimated total (as produce is estimated at per item, when they are actually weighed and charged per lb) so the actual total will be different. You are provided an itemized receipt and you pay the total, via the remote payment process i.e., Square.

I can see this as a very convenient tool, time saver, and necessity when you need a few things and could save a few minutes. Or when you are sick or have sick (or cranky) tiny humans that you don’t want to haul around the store, or when the parking lot is thick with ice and you just really don’t want to traipse through the muck!

Give it a try! It might be a marriage saver if your spouse does not favor a trip to the store, and all he needs to do is drive in, pay, and drive home!

However, he will need to find the designated parking area and call a number to let them know he is there…..oh, I’m starting to see this begin to unravel…no, I will be brave and give it a try! 


…worth repeating…..I.D.

Recently attended a Grace Potter concert at a small outdoor courtyard venue in Bend. While the venue was small and intimate, Grace Potter killed it! She could have been in a stadium. It was awesome.

I love outdoor music on warm summer nights. We hadn’t been to this venue before, so we went to the gate and asked about re-entry if we needed to ditch the sunglasses or grab a jacket. We also didn’t know about seating, chairs or not?

Once we got all the details, we headed back to the car. One of the security dudes hollered, “don’t forget your i.d.”–I said, “do I have to have it, even if I’m not drinking?”–he said, “you’ll want to have it on you, so we can identify your body in case there is an incident.”

What??? This was a first. I’m not sure what type of incident we were expecting. Maybe the world has changed. Maybe I do need to have my i.d. on me whenever I am in a crowd. 

I just saw this cool little gadget for your tiny humans. I think it could be very helpful for trips to the zoo or a festival. They are a temporary tattoo “watch” that you put your phone number on. Pretty cool. Take a look! Madeline’s Box Temporary Watch.

Be safe!


Five fitness commandments to live by.

This is so well written, I share it with you. Encourage you to stay moving and maintain your health!-Karen

Explore Magazine: Gadd’s Truth: Five Fitness Commandments to Live By

Apr 27, 2016

The truth about aging and fitness: Five fitness commandments to live by.

Watching other people work out is endlessly interesting to me. Although I’ve tried many weird workouts over the years, the human drive to find new ways to get fit always amazes me. As I watch someone stack a balance board and a bouncy ball into a squat rack, I can see the wheels turning in his head (it’s almost always a “he”): “This is gonna be great! Nobody has ever thought of this before!”

“Workout fail” compilations on YouTube have reduced me to tears of both laughter and empathy. But I’d argue anyone who has never bailed off a treadmill while trying to run backwards with a pack on, or dropped a loaded bar inappropriately while attempting to snatch it one-handed, hasn’t been trying hard enough.

I’ve been seriously training for one sport or another for more than 30 years; in that time, I’ve borne witness to some truly weird workouts, diets and mental training regimes. I’ve gone from a 150-pound pudgy adolescent, to a clinically anorexic 142.543-pound sport climber, to a 195-pound CrossFit gym rat, back to a 150-pound bicep-less skinny guy obsessed with trail running. With all this training, diet and switching of sports, I’ve started to notice some truths about fitness.

The first truth about working out is that, in the long-term, it doesn’t matter what you do to work out. Lift weights, swim, hike around the neighborhood with your dog, cross-country ski, do squats while wearing inline skates (I’ve seen that)—it just doesn’t matter. The gym-rat bench-pressing 250 pounds fully believes that is the way forward, and for him, that’s true. That day, right there, he is working out. That’s what matters. Doing something physical, pretty much every day, kicks ass on not doing something physical. If movement doesn’t happen, then atrophy is winning. Atrophy always wins eventually, but it doesn’t have to win today. Today is a good day to work out.

The second truth is that individual workouts don’t matter much, but regularity does. Most of us are training for a specific sport even if we don’t realize it. If you’re puking occasionally and scraping all the hair off your shins while deadlifting in a CrossFit workout, you’re training for CrossFit at that point in your life. If you want to get better at shin-hair removal, then you’re going to need to do it regularly. Specific sets, reps and weights—all less important than showing up regularly. Miss a workout and you don’t progress. Do some weird-ass version of your workout in a hotel room using the towel rack (I ripped one out of the wall once, it was expensive) and you’ll at least maintain—and likely get better.

The third truth is that your sports and interests will change over time, and fighting that natural arc is counterproductive to staying fit. I used to travel with a pull-up bar and a piece of wood with small finger-holds on it. I’d hang the fingerboard in hotel room doorways; that exercise mattered to me more than anything. I haven’t done it in 20 years, and I’d likely shoot myself if I had to do it today. Hanging on to what was important in the past isn’t conducive to lifelong fitness. It’s more important to follow your interests, stay active and explore new physical skills and ideas. A little or a lot of obsession is essential for high-performance competitive sport, but life changes, and we have to change our physical expressions as well, or we’ll get bored. People who are bored with moving, stop moving. When I see a pack of elderly folks busting a move through the mall wearing coordinated track outfits, I cheer them on, and use their motivation to get my own sorry ass to a workout. Those folks probably weren’t doing that in their 20s, but they look and feel better than the other elderly people reclining in the food court.

The fourth truth is that the most important movements are less about strength than understanding the movement itself. I recently taught a climbing/training clinic where one older guy—in his late 60s—intrigued me. I noticed that when doing pull-ups, he always pulled the rings down to his pecs, not the usual half-hearted chin-fuzz over the bar. There were a couple of hipster post-CrossFitters in the clinic, who started showing off by doing sloppy muscle-ups. The older guy asked, “Is that valuable for climbing?” I replied, “Probably not directly, but it does show you have good range of motion and strength.” The old guy then did the cleanest, smoothest muscle-up I’ve ever seen. He was a gymnast in his youth, and still coached. His arms were twigs, like mine, but he understood how to do a muscle-up in the same way old mountain guides know how to walk smoothly through rough terrain. Being strong is less important than understanding how to move. And moving is everything.

The final truth is that fitness is worth sacrificing less important things for, and most things are, long-term, far less important than fitness. Fitness is really health, after a certain point, and being healthy requires exercise. There is very little that exercise doesn’t help alleviate, from depression to diabetes to osteoporosis. Find a movement that feels good and do it with regularity. Thirty minutes of running through the streets and a fast bowl of soup is a far better use of an hour than looking at new sofa fabrics or whatever else we do at lunchtime. Blow off that work meeting to hike up a hill—when you’re 70, still being able to hike up a hill will be far more important than the meetings you missed.

Today, I’m going to blow off some emails so I have time to do something physical outside with my five-year-old. Because she needs to know that I care about both her and about getting some exercise. She deserves it as much as I do. The emails will wait.

You can’t turn back the clock.

You can’t turn back the clock. But, you can wind it up again.
I LOVE this.

So many people struggle with aging and they find themselves living in the past. But, just because we can’t turn back the hands of time, doesn’t mean we can’t live today to the fullest!

How can you do that? Ahhh, here it comes.


One of the best ways to live each day to it’s fullest is through exercise. Our muscles, our brains, our organs and our bones all love exercise!!

Let’s add energy to our lives today. Let’s give our bodies what it needs to be the best it can be.

Let’s Wind It Up Again.

A new 6-week fitness challenge begins April 25. Each week I give you two video workouts that you can do anywhere! All levels will benefit from these workouts!

We all need structure and discipline around our exercise schedule. We all need to wind our clocks every day!

PS-How old do we need to be to actually remember winding a watch or clock?


Wind It Up Again Fitness Challenge begins April 25!

Click on the link below!

Registration is OPEN!!

Get signed up, you don’t want to miss a workout!!

Need more details about the workouts? Check it out here!

Take a look at my website and let me know if you need more information!

Questions? Let me know: karen@karenkreft.com

You ready? Let’s go.

Healthier you!! Change your life.

We all try very hard to make healthy choices. Our pasts are filled with ups and downs, but right now is most important. And right now is pretty awesome!

I want to help you change your life. I want to help you build a strong body, resulting in a healthier you. I want you to workout with me!

Everyone would do this if it was easy.

But, it’s not easy. The exercise itself can be tiring, challenging, and sometimes painful. The time commitment is hard, there are too many other priorities pulling on you. And once you decide to go to the gym, you are unsure what to do, what will work? After a few weeks on a cardio machine you still haven’t seen any results and it is easy to get discouraged and let your routine slip away.

I want to be on your team.

I want to engage you in a healthy lifestyle. I want to inspire you to be active and strong. I will provide both the tools and encouragement. I have lots of exercise ideas to help you get started and to maintain a fitness routine.  As a result you will feel so empowered and confident in all areas of your life. You will be proud and satisfied when you make healthy choices—and sometimes you’ll surprise yourself when you realize just how far you have come.

Why should you exercise?

Most people already know that they should exercise. It can be to lose weight, change eating habits, results of a doctor’s visit and an unhealthy report, or preparation of a pending event. These are all great incentives to help move you towards a fitness routine. However, there are a lot more reasons that should be considered. A truly healthy body has healthy hormone production which helps to manage body composition, weight management, sleep patterns, along with prevention of disease like Type 2 diabetes.

Exercise is called the silver bullet to fight against aging—known for improving strength, cardiovascular systems and circulation, and maintaining bone density. Research has also continued to link regular exercise to improved brain health, memory and cognitive thinking.

So many good things!!

So, how do you get started?

The first step is usually the hardest. So BIG CONGRATULATIONS that you are here!

The next step is for you to commit to making yourself healthy. You can set your own goals for weight and inches to lose. But, I want you to set a goal to become a rockstar!

I want you to show up and push yourself through these workouts. I want you to groan when I say “one more round”—I want you to feel the energy (and a little soreness) pulse through your body because YOU DID IT! I want you to look at yourself in the mirror and feel that pride that you did something to improve your health.

Are you ready?

How about 35 minute real time video workout—just like you are in class with me!! How cool is that?

You can carve out a corner of space, put down an exercise mat, lace up your sneakers, and press play! I have planned a workout for us, I have programmed the timer and I am ready to workout—-anytime.

The next 6-Week Challenge starts soon. Get yourself signed up and you’ll be ready when the class starts. In the meantime, I have some FREE video workouts and some stretching videos that you can try. Once the classes start, you will join an online group of workout buddies. Over the 6 weeks, you will build strength—both muscularly and emotionally. You can do this!!

So, bop on over to the Ready for Spring Fitness Challenge and check out the details.

I hope to see you in an upcoming workout!


Hello 2016 Fitness Challenge

 Begins January 4th! Let’s do this!
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! OK, maybe it’s dark and cold and a little stressful getting through the holidays. We ate and celebrated with the best of them! But, that is all going to be over VERY soon!

Then what? You’ll need something to fill your time. Something to help you get back in your groove. Focus on your health and fitness. Maybe reach those resolutions that you write down every year.

Hmmm, I wonder what that could be?

How about a new fitness challenge? This challenge is FULL of opportunities. New friends, additional workout buddies, LOTS of support from me (although some people think I am a bit bossy during the workouts. Sorry about that!). Then there are all of the health benefits. We will build strength, improve our cardio capacity, and increase balance and flexibility. 

The final result? A stronger and healthier you! With a regular fitness plan, more water intake (that’s another great side benefit of my bossiness, I encourage water all the time!). We will also learn to make some better choices for nutrition to support our active bodies.

All of that equals a great big happy present from me to you! We can check several of those resolutions off the list! And six weeks is probably longer than you would stick to them on your own!

Bam, bam, bam.

You need this! You want this! And you are ready for this!

You have a couple of days to ratchet back your diet (like eat the rest of those sugar cookies or put them in the freezer, don’t leave them on the counter taunting you), increase your water intake (see, I’m at it already) and maybe start moving a bit, just walking, spinning, or even stretching. Get your blood flowing and move the toxins out of your body. 

Registration is open. We begin on January 4th. 

Are you in?

Registration is open!

Sign up now! I want to see you in my workout! Need more details about the workouts? Check it out here!

Take a look at my website and let me know if you need more information!

Questions? Let me know: karen@karenkreft.com